Free Voice Evaluation

You’re aWeb page graphic #2 public speaker. How is your voice working for you? Is it helping?  Is it hurting?  How do you know? Let the Vocal Jim, a voice pro, evaluate it for you at no charge.

You will learn how you are doing with the basics, like posture, breathing, and voice quality and how effectively you use dramatic delivery to bring your speech to life with breath management, loudness, pitch, articulation, rate, and variety.

Then, after your initial evaluation, start on an exciting journey, learning how to use the many aspects of your voice to get an audience involved early, make climaxes sizzle, and deliver compelling calls to action.
Free Vocal Evaluation

Why Use Jim?

There are hundreds of speaker coaches, each claiming to coach every aspect of public speaking, from organizing your material to running your business.  Jim Emery coaches strictly your voice and how to use it.  And he does that as well as anyone in the business.

Your Speaking Voice Counts

Your audience judges you from the moment you begin to speak.  If your voice is harsh, your words unintelligible, or your voice is weak, their impression quickly becomes negative.  If you want to deliver your message effectively, you must pay special attention to your speaking voice.

Jim’s coaching is targeted precisely at what your voice sounds like.  In addition to the basics of good vocal production, he works on the important factors of dynamic delivery to bring your speech alive.

When you produce your best voice, delivered dramatically, you have mastered a majority of the communication process.  Imagine how much more effective your words will be then.

Jim Emery
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