Jim writes articles on a variety of vocal production or public speaking topics.  Those currently available are described below and may be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Vocal Basics

How low should you go? – Is it true that a low voice is your best speaking voice?  Find out how to determine the optimum pitch range for your voice and how best to use it there.

Just breathe! – Breathing is very important to producing your best speaking voice.  Discover the #1 most important thing to know about breathing

Ring up your voice registers – Your voice is actually more than one instrument.  Read how to use chest voice, head voice, and mixtures of the two for your best verbal communication.

Dramatic Delivery

Be your own best coach – Getting coaching is the best way to improve your speaking skills.  Learn how to be your own best coach.

Beauty is in the vowels, passion in the consonants – Some very simple adjustments to your diction can bring more beauty, more passion, and more effectiveness to your next speech.

The power of visualization – Visualization is a powerful tool for developing, rehearsing, and delivering your speech.  Learn how to imagine perfect presentation delivery in your mind.

Using learning styles – Most speeches seek to educate audiences on a particular subject.  Learn how to use visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic learning styles to optimize the learning experience for your audience.

Jim Emery
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