Seminars & Coaching

Take advantage of the Vocal Jim in several ways.  Jim’s services include group seminars as well as individual coaching.

Group seminars give students an opportunity to learn the basics of vocal delivery in a group setting where you can share your learning experience with others.  Seminars can be an ideal way to introduce presentation concepts to your sales team, your training group, your Toastmasters club, or other groups with members who use their voice as their primary function.

For special attention to your vocal delivery, Jim also offers one-on-one coaching.  This format allows you to focus on the specific assets and liabilities in your personal vocal delivery.


Free Sample – An awareness building introduction to the importance of the vocal instrument in public speaking. Includes a description of the important factors of vocal production that may impact the effectiveness of your voice. Includes 1 short in-class example exercise. Duration: 10-15 minutes

Vocal Delivery On Steroids – An introduction to the fundamentals of good voice technique for public speakers.  Includes fundamentals of voice communication, building voice awareness, impacts of breathing and posture, optimum use of pitch, resonance, and voice delivery speed, varying the use of diction for different messages, minimizing tension, and maintaining vocal health.  This seminar is interactive with participants experimenting with vocal techniques in contexts similar to those in their everyday personal or professional lives. Duration: 45-60 minutes

The above seminar may also be given as a three seminar series as outlined below.  The series allows more detailed treatment of the concepts involved and more individual interaction on these concepts.

“You gave a GREAT seminar from your heart and your soul. I’m so glad I was there to hear it.” — TV sports personality

Voice Basics – A complete treatment of the basic factors of good vocal production, yielding the rich resonant voice you were meant to have.  Demonstrations are given on proper posture, breathing, relaxation, voice registers, optimum pitch, and resonance, with in-class exercises to optimize each of these factors for each student. Duration: 20-30 minutes

Dramatic Delivery– This session focuses on the vocal delivery factors that affect the effectiveness of your presentation, including diction, breath frequency, use of vowels and consonants for different effects, delivery speed/rhythm, vowel stretching for effect, pauses/silence, timbre and register changes, and energy level.  Duration: 30-45 minutes

Vocal Health – This session focuses on the factors that affect the health of your voice, a must session for individuals who speak for a living.  The session focuses on habits while you are speaking and when you are not.   Duration: 20-30 minutes


The Power of Visualization – Visualization is an amazingly powerful tool for speakers.  This workshop focuses on how to use visualization both in speech preparation and in rehearsal to bring your most polished message to the stage.  In-class exercises are included.  Visualize your perfect speech and then give it!  Duration: 30-45 minutes

Engaging Technical Presentations – How to make technical presentations interesting, not boring.  Perfect for technical groups, managers, and salespeople.  Duration: 30 minutes.

Paint Your Personality With Props – How to use props to enhance the variety and interest of your speech.  Lots of examples.  Wait until you see Jim’s prop inventory!  (Online only).  Duration: 30 minutes.

The First 15 Seconds – Explains the importance of speech openings, approaches to follow, and approaches to avoid.  Includes sample audio clips of excellent openings. Grab your audience’s attention immediately and then keep it!  Duration: 10-15 minutes.

What’s Your Hook? – How to identify and use foundational phrases to tie your speech together just like pop singers tie songs together with their hooks.  It will have your audience humming your hook in the hall after you finish. Duration: 10-15 minutes.

Confessions of a Non-Professional Speaker – Are you thinking of going pro? This mini-seminar highlights questions to ask yourself if you are considering becoming a professional speaker.  Duration: 8-10 minutes.


Jim’s individual voice coaching is highly interactive, with lots of vocalizing and helpful feedback in each session.

Initial Voice Evaluation – The first coaching session involves making an individual voice recording, voice analysis, and the building of an individual speech profile, identifying areas of strength and areas that need more attention for improvement. This initial voice evaluation is offered at no charge.

Follow Up Coaching – Following the initial voice analysis session, sessions focus on the speech profile factors that need the most attention, in a priority order decided by you and Jim together.

Before-and-after voice recordings are often done to demonstrate the effectiveness of new vocal habits and for the student to take home any practice exercises introduced during the session.

Coaching sessions may be done at Jim’s studio or online using Jim’s Zoom account.

“I am delighted for the depth of learning that Jim has enabled for me.” — startup entrepreneur

Speech Video Analysis – Jim reviews videos of your speeches, producing detailed analysis of strengths and areas for improvement. In person review and discussion of this analysis is also available.

       “Wow.  This was a fantastic, honest, just-what-I-needed analysis.”   — million dollar club national speaker

Live Speech Recording – Jim also offers a service to video and audio record your public speech at the actual venue it is presented or online for online speeches, for use in follow up analysis and coaching sessions.

What makes Jim Different

Jim’s extensive training and knowledge in the field of vocal production and theater ensures that your voice instruction is properly grounded in solid vocal production and delivery fundamentals.  His extensive performance experience means he understands the performance stress all speakers experience.  And his performance judging and vocal recording experience have tuned his ear to detect every important aspect of your speaking voice and why it is the way it is.

Jim Emery
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