About Jim

Specializing in all things vocal, Jim Emery brings over 30 years of vocal experience to his speaker and singer coaching.  As a leader in public performance judging, Jim brings a wealth of insights based on years of judging, coaching, and performing.

  • Solid vocal fundamentals
  • Extensive vocal performance
  • Professional performance judging
  • Multifaceted coaching
  • Vocal recording

Vocal Fundamentals
Jim has spent nine years in private voice study, learning the fundamentals of proper vocal production as well as the concepts of vocal pedagogy.  He frequently gives seminars on vocal production fundamentals for speakers and singers as well as improving ensemble sound for singers. Jim is a current member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Vocal Performance
Jim has been a vocal performer nearly his entire life.  His singing career has included singing with world class ensembles in opera, choral, and barbershop ensembles.  He has also been a regular speaker throughout his career in education, training, sales support, conference talks, and many other venues.

Vocal Contest Judging
Jim has been a certified Barbershop Harmony Society and Harmony Inc. contest judge for over fifteen years, a Singing category Board of Review member for five years, and was the Singing Category Specialist in 2009-2010.  With a passion for education learned from his high school teacher mother, Jim initiated a number of innovative programs for improving the coaching skills of all judges in his category.

Multifaceted Vocal Coaching
Jim’s true passion is helping others through coaching. He is known as a high energy, creative, and yet sensitive coach.  With his solid grounding in proper vocal fundamentals, he is excellent at diagnosing vocal problems and improving the sound of any individual or group he coaches.  But he also enjoys and is effective at speech or song interpretation and dramatic delivery.  This combination of vocal and interpretive skills helps any individual he coaches explore a wider variety of impactful delivery approaches.

Vocal recording
Jim has an Associate Degree in music recording technology and is experienced in the engineering and production of commercial recordings.  This experience has honed his ear in listening for even the smallest vocal characteristics in any speaker or singer.

Jim Emery
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